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12:31 p.m. - 2011-01-17
big plans... again and some more.. forever and ever i s'pose



the sound of my bored head hitting my desk....

There's fuck ALL to do here.. And it's not just me.. it's our entire little unit. Good thing there are three people off today...

Although maybe the ones that are off would have something for me to doooooooooo...

Im impatient. And if I didn't have ten tons of work at home, I would be able to sit here and do nothing.. it's sweet to get paid to type in a white box on a mauve page..

I made a To Do list last night. It's ambitious, as usual. And I dont know how I would get anything done if I didnnt have the 15 minute trick. (

anyways.. I just did my budget.. not as bad as I was fearing.. especially since my meal plan will actually feed us for TWO weeks instead of one... and Dorian is on his last two days of formula.. soy'milk' is a fraction of the cost of formula. Plus a big box of diapers lasts an entire month. Patti is amazing and can use 3 diapers a day, A DAY, which means one of the plastic pouch things will last her TWENTY DAYS, and more, because there are usually 70 or 75 in a pouch.. she's awesome.

My tax return, while meager compared to last year, will catch me up on my stupid debts, and will let me give a few hundred to Dad and Mom. I'm thinking of paying off the SCL, and giving Mom and Dad each $200. And then the $100 that is usually spent on the SCL can be put toward paying MOm or Dad or both.. and by that time, the FRO should be rolling into first gear... and then it will be $300 each for mom and dad until they are paid off... then my VISA... damn thats actually a good plan I just pulled out of my ass there... Im writing that shit down..



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