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10:26 p.m. - 2011-01-17
allison + marla. ooh.
do a google image search for Robyn.. and you will find MY HAIR... ugh i want my hair to do that. I want to be able to cut my hair and it to STAY exactly where I put it in the morning..

As it is now? It doesnt make a damn difference if I spent 30 min in front a mirror with products or if I spend 2 min in the dark or in the kitchen with no mirror and nothing but a clip or an elastic.. my hair does whatever it wants.. ugh.

You know marla from fightclub? yeah. that. oh PLUS ally sheedy from breakfast club.. whatever her chars name is..

My hair is half between marla and allison reynolds. And really? I should just stop fighting it. It takes too much effort to hate it. I just wish that my scalp could take dredding, then I wouldnt have to think about it anymore..

but I can't because if I did I would just be seen as a copy of Dave. So. The End.



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