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2:51 a.m. - 2011-01-23
mmmm harmless celebrity crushes...
Ben Barns, Tom Wisdom, Jackson Rathbone, Logan Lerman, Jake Gyllenhaal. A nice ten hours spent watching some good lookin males run around on screen....

Can you name the movies I watched tonight??

Im dying.. my lungs keep trying to exit through my mouth via terrible coughing that makes me pee a little.

Other then that? Lots of news I s'pose. random happenings that I cant be bothered to list.. Linda was being a twit, as usual. She's incapable of looking after a kid, I swear. Dorian cries, and she calls me, what should I do?! SERIOUSLY you raised three children, do whatever you think is best you silly nitwit!

I sincerely apologize that I ROCK him in a ROCKING CHAIR but that works for my kids, so Im not stopping beacuse you refuse to hold the babies when they wont sleep...

Very happy about the movies though, they were spectacular. Except the one with Tom in it.. the only redeeming quality of that was his blue eyes. And the casting, that was pretty good. Some lines were alright, but most of the dialogue and the choppy story were FUCKING GODAWFUL though... Nothing like having people speak solely to explain your way out of a plot hole.. funny how you can tell immediately when something is made for TV, and you know where they stuck commercials in..

yeah... movies are fun. Im going to rent more of them. Maybe not five at once though. Really. I need to make a limit of two. Or something. The problem I think is that Video Plus now has alllll the new releases mixed with older ones.. so I get five in my hand and there's still more I want to see.. making up for the lost five years I s'pose.. I couldnt justify renting something that is uh fantasy for twelve year olds when I was living with mom..

Despite the fact I LOVE IT.

Oh and I have to read that book Portrait of Dorian Gray now.. I have to know if this Dorian character actually redeems himself in the end or not. I should have fracking read the book when I was pregnant.. ugh. Stupid.

Jackson Rathbone has amazing cheekbones. Im jealous. COmpletely.

okok Im ghoing to bed now that I dont care aboput typos anymore..



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