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9:15 p.m. - 2011-01-24
F11, forever.
Don't mistake the silences
There's so much I haven't said
It's not that quiet in my head
But I can't even tell you that

Whatever doesn't kill me
Doesn't make me stronger
But I'm not gonna give up yet
And if these walls should weaken
I'm still strong enough to know
I'm gonna build them up again

Soo. ultimate propaganda meeting at work. 4 hours spent listening to someone talk about Service Excellence and what it means to Live the Brand UGHHHH

Im taking a week off. Its unrelated to the meeting today, but holy motherrr.. the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I kept sticking 'in writing' after most of the outrageous bullshit on the board.

And it worked.

So I smiled through the meeting and participated and managed to not be bulldozed by the heneous(sp) woman beside me. (note to future self: it was that shorthaired (white) nancy chick from Progressives. DONT BE HER)

yeah. my head is pounding. I coughed so hard I checked for a nosebleed. Ive pissed myself since coming home from work.

Dorian is starting to sound like I did last week.

So I guess its good that Im staying home with him for four days..

I really hope this works.



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