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11:46 p.m. - 2011-01-28
I dont have much time my comp will crash any moment..

of course I saw the Blue Screen of Death today, its the first day of my membership.....

naturally. Im trying to crit a story, but I dont want to get it almost done to have the fucking comp crash and then I lose it and forget what the hell I was trying to say...

yeah. This is my biggest excuse for not writing the scenes that play in my head all day..

i need a laptop down stairs... so I can rig up something in the living room so the kids cant get into it, but I can write while they're playing or watching a movie that we've seen 10,000 times..

Dorian stares silently at the tv for the majority of Beauty and the Beast. Not sure what it is about that movie yet.. still trying to figure it out..

Ive been listenign to SModcasts.. Podcasts by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (and other people w/them) dick and fart jokes abound, along with a lot of other hilarious shit, and philisophical talk, amongst VERY personal sharing by both guys... its really fucking awesome to listen to..

apparently Kevin has his uh, reverandship, and can actually MARRY people...

I know I'm weird, but I listened to the podcast for a SMarriage, and dude, thats now on my list of things I want..

1) Has some kind of skill that he can make money with (fixing cars, bartending, cooking, stripping, sailing, carpentering, as long as its a skill that he doesnt mind doing for 40 yrs without bitching 24/7 and hating his life)
2) Stoic (but not to the point that I want to beat him to get a reaction) and 3) Confident (cus someone in this house has to be, and man, I cant pretend forever)
4) Wouldnt mind being married by Kevin Smith (and uh, having it broadcast later on the internet)

There are a few more, but they are negotiable and mostly just physical fantasies.. you can sorta tell I haven't gotten laid in a while when I start doing a swivel head at exposed chests... and picking the movies I want to watch based on the hunch that there will be a lot of exposed rippling abs in the movie.. haha

Yeah, the other things are silly, because we all know that once I fall for someone it wont fucking matter if they look like Quasimodo..

Dorian didn't get sick!!! Julianne spent Thursday night puking every hour.. then dry heaving for a few more hours... The next time she says her tummy hurts right before bed, immediate action will be taken.. I do NOT want to have to throw out another set of sheets....

I got really weird too, I wanted to throw EVERYTHING away.. or burn it all in the backyard.. I dont know.. I washed everything with a lot of soap and mom turned up the hot water heater so nothing lived through that washing.. but still.. I know what towels I used and whatnot.. it weirds me out..

5) Able to put up with ALL of my weirdness, not the least of which is freaking out about many legged things near my bed and also muttering to myself about imaginary people (heya muse)

Dad gave me $200 today. Im going to try to be REALLY good with it. As in I'm going to try not to buy anything that isn't on the list grocerywise for ALL of Feb.. and also to clear out the freezer of random things that have been frozen for waaay too long (as in we moved them from the freezer in the old place, to mine. yeah. too long)

k it's after midnight, i should really go to bed.



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