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9:32 p.m. - 2011-02-02
So, I did what I always do today, or at least what Ive been doing for the last three years on this day, since the van fell through and you left the world suddenly...

I looked at pics of you until I could hear your laugh and feel your hug. It sucks balls that you went all churchy.. but apparently you inspired a lot of people...

You knwo what I just thought of? I saw your old old ooooold ex girlfriend today.. she works are the Bank.. I see her randomly. And of course today of all days I see her and she stares at me like Im on fire...

The 2nd of the month just sucks. Ive stopped counting how many months its been since Elsy crashed her car and went into a coma..

The guilt surrounding that is still pretty much a suckerpunch whenever I think of her. Kind of like Em too.. I made friends again on facebook, so I can sort of follow and maybe 'like' a few things... like I did with Jen... Marsh. I dont know her married name. Anyways, I dont think Jen hates my guts anymore..

kk Im going to d/l the latest smodcast and go tuck Julianne back in...



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