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9:08 p.m. - 2011-02-06
weeked shot to helllll
I had a lot to say a minute ago, I forget most of it though. Dammit, got to update before I read everyone else..

I faded on Lost once I had to run for a screaming baby when it was on.... It's really fucking hard to keep up when you only watch 20 min of each episode..

I get terribly hooked on a show, its life and death if I miss it !!! and then I miss one, and then another, and then I lose interest. I find it again at Videoplus and rent the entire season at one go. I get really angry at commercials too. They are (er, were, havent actually seen one in about seven months now woo!) really stupid. REALLY. And I dont understand, the amount of money that is spent on a TV spot, fuck, make it worthwhile you stupid asses!

It just pisses me off. Most of the time Im thinking "Someone, somewhere, got PAID to make this annoying piece of garbage." And then I turn off the tv.

Dorian threw up in his bed, during his afternoon nap on Saturday. And I must say, I LOVE SOY MILK, because it doesnt smell AT ALL when a 14 month old kid hoffs it all over his bed.

The bad part is I just thought his diaper leaked (this is how bad the lighting is in my apartment) so I changed his sleeper and didnt clue in that he was sick until he refused supper, and didn't drink anything, and then puked again at 6:30. So I got him in the tub, got Julianne to sit with him (I know, my Mother Of The Year award is gone) and I changed the blankets on his bed. ALL of them. the comforter too.
Note: Dorian sleeps in a 'playpen', with a comforter on the bottom, a fuzzy blanket as a sheet on top of that, a fuzzy blanket to wrap him in, and a thick blanket folded over the side of his bed thats closest to the window, to block the draft from the window.

And I had to change ALL of those blankets, because there was puke all over the damn bed. He managed to not puke on the actual playpen (thank christ, cuz I have no idea how to clean it, other than spraying it down with disinfectant, which is real good when he's licking it later....)

Anyways. Dorian puked again thsi morning, because he wanted a bottle SO BAD and it was early morning and I am an IDIOT before 10am and I gave him a bottle and he chucked it not three min after drinking it, allllll over my back and I managed to keep it off the rocking chair I was sitting in, but it was all over me, and all over Dorian and all over the floor.

6 oz goes a long fucking way..

BUT it still didn't stink! I'm real impressed by that. S'pose his noxious diapers on Sat made up for it though. I haven't fully gagged over a diaper since Julianne was about three... unfuckingpleasant.

anyways, needless to say, Ive either been holding Dorian, who is crying and listless and doesnt know how he wants to sit or lie or anything and I cant give him pain killer, cuz he dryheaves (Im not shitting you) whenever I pick up the medicine.... So he's had a fever all weekend.. and I can hear his stomach gurgling. But he drank water tongiht at supper and once again 5 min later he's chucking everything he drank... so I finish Juli's supper, clean him up, st with him on the couch.. and I can hear him crying every once in a while...

He hasn't had a dry diaper yet tho, so he's alright in the hydration department, despite getting very little digested in the last 24 hours...

If his eyes are normal and he eats breakfast (so far no interest AT ALL in solid food, or anything but water and his soy) then thing are agogo. Otherwise? Im sitting at home with a very grumpy/hungry/sick little boy and frantically trying to figure out how I can get to work for 5-8pm. Cuz of course Im on late shift tomorrow.. and my sitter was sick on Thu and Fri last week, so Im already behind.

And with my luck? Julianne will get this nasty shit back tomorrow.


But at least my 'sink is shiny'.

The floor is covered in cheerios (from FRIDAY) and there is a mountain of laundry from Dorians illness in his room. But there isnt a dirty dish in the kitchen, woo.



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