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7:45 p.m. - 2011-02-07
aand your ipod makes the 4-8 shift amazzzzing
Dorian has an infection, in EACH ear, OMG.

Lots of drugs, luckily they are cheap, although I came fully prepared with $250, just in case...

I would FUCKING HATE to be standing there, with Dorian in my arms, and have to leave because I don't have the money for the perscription... so I overdo it in the cash-in-my-pocket department... and now Ive spent money on 'good deals' for no other reason then I had to waste 20 min with a screamy kid who would only stop screaming if the cart was moving slowly down the aisles.. but not too slowly.. and not turning the same way all the time.. so I did a slow figure8 circuit of the whole store and by that time the drugs were ready and my cart was full..

yeah $80 later... $25 for perscrip and the rest on groceries I dont technically need, but will make it up in the coming weeks I s'pose, considering I wont be buying lunch anymore, not at all, not even $1.25 pasta salad things... noope.. I have ingrediants to make food, and macnchees, and pizza in the freezer, so. No More Buying anything but needful groceries.. soymilk and Juli's lunch things. Thats all.

Oh I got some instant coffee.. mornings should get infinitely better...

aaaand. I dunno. I'm at work. nothing to do really. I printed off a shite load of pics. I searched 'forest gloomy' to see what came up.. a lot of really pretty pictures.... specifically the one with a supermodel boy in black leather sitting on a green mossy tree stump. That one is by far my favourite.. naturally.

Ive been listening religiously to Smodcasts... lots and lots of shit about Red State, which gets boring after a while... but the inbetween stuff is hilarious.

k, i got five minutes to pee and get the fuck outta hear... and go see if mom thought to give Dorian another shot of medicine... I forgot to mention it...
Why yes, stupid IS my middle name.



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