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12:14 a.m. - 2011-02-11
Just checked and wouldnt you know..

I've now entered TWO Readers On a Deadline contests and won them both!

Awesome in a boxxxx...

and Im going to pull the finished entry and the original entry (I think I posted it here.. so i have to look it up...)

k here is the original, almost completely unedited version: (basically I hit 250 and stopped dead, also the last line made me laugh so I had to keep it for a while)

It goes faster if you stare into the rainbow, give in to it. When it happens every day you learn these little tricks. It knocks me out and shoves me into the Maybe. A girl in a miniskirt doing a line off the back of a rusty toilet. The walls are pale purple. The girl's hair is streaked with red, and her face is streaked with black. She's got hollow eyes. Awesome, I love the ones with a clear meaning.
I came back to the hallway, whistling air from my lungs. My body stays in the Maybe longer than my brain, and it stiffly catches on Trick's arms. He starts hauling me around the corner. Smart boy. I'll buy him a cheeseburger.
“What's going on here?” Shit. Vice Principal's a sneaky one.
“She just blacked out, I was going to try to lie her down out of the way.” Trick stops us in the doorway of a classroom. His eyes focused above my shoulder.
“She take anything?” What the hell?
“Uh, no, nothing.” Trick spluttered.
“How about you step away from her?” I'm not called Lucky for nothing, my body decided to come back at that moment.
I spun around and spit “Back. Off.” in the VP's face. His eyeballs almost drop out of his head.
“C'mon Trick, this place blows.” I wrapped my hand around his wrist and towed him down the hall. Screw school, I've got a hooker to save.

And here is what I actually let other people read and judge:

It goes faster if you stare into it. Peace, love and a smack in the brain. It shoves me into the Maybe.
A girl in a miniskirt standing on the back of a rusty toilet. The stalls are dingy violet. Her hair is streaked with red, and her face is streaked with black. She’s got hollow eyes. Easy peasy, lemonade.
I slam back, whistling air from my lungs. I’m facing Trick as my body falls, stiffly catching on his arms. Little Miss Rigor Mortis. My brain needs a reboot.
“What’s going on here?” The toes of my sneakers squeak as Trick stops dragging me.
“She just blacked out, I…”
“She take anything?” Trick’s arms tighten around me.
“No, nothing.”
“How about you step away from her?” The pain floods into the middle of my head. Nice timing, brain. I scrunch up my face, as if that could help. I squirm in Trick’s arms to turn around. The Vice Principal’s cheeks are red and puffy. I turn toward the exit and wrap my hand around Trick’s wrist.
“Now just one minute, uh, Lucky.” He stumbles over my name, like everyone else here. But it’s the only name you’ll get.

Trick holds the exit door open. Ugh, sun. I start digging in my bag for asprin,
“Hey,” I flicked my chin up and two lumps slide down my throat. “You ever been to a club with purple bathrooms?”

Got two comments on it, both positive wee. not that anyone leaves snarky commments there...

Its just nice to hear positive response to Lucky and Trick.. its fun transplanting my characters... As you can see I killed my darling line about school and hookers... *sigh* I know its terrible, but I still laugh...

Okay, we are 40 min away from standing down to green.. (my daughter puked at 8pm) and windows is doing funny things...

Aaand my wrist is not happy with me.. although typing still isn't bringing teeth gnashing pain.. picking up Dorian brings that.. also trying to change his butt.. ergh.

so yeah. sleep. I should also call in to work. cuz I did NOTHING today.. fuck. 8 hours of nothing. NOTHING. and juli is technically sick (knock on wood) but hopefully she sleeps it off and is okay by tomorrow morning. Or she can stay home or whatever. Dorian is going to the sitters though. Cant handle one sick kid and one not sick toddler. Brutal.



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