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10:27 p.m. - 2011-02-11
I always knew Devon was good people.. she's proved it by trying her damnedest to get me come kind of $25 gift cert as my prize, despite my Canadian status...

Other Dames, whom I have forgotten who it was, and wont bother looking it up, but she didn't even reply to my email when I 'won' the first time.. luckily it was a book I already freaking owned so it was no big deal and I didn't really feel cheated out of anything.. but it would have been nice to have an email back..

yeah, so. Now I will have $50 worth of chapters book monies!!! My mom gave me $25 for my bday.. which is waaay more awesome then discount horror books from Zellers... yeah that was part of my Linda christmas present this year... ugh. HINT: If you dont know what *genre* people like to read DONT BUY THEM BOOKS! guh! and even then, you might buy them something they already have, OR some author they hate..

Its like buying music for someone else.. unless you really REALLY know their taste you are flushing money down the toilet.. and discount horror books? I'm debating taking a red pen to them.... and sending them back to the author.. okay not that last part but goddamn WHO are these people that publish this stuff??? seriously?? The same freaking editor of Twilight I s'pose...

Ive read some seriously creepy things, neither were these discount horrors. In order to have a truly creepy bad guy they HAVE to have some personality, some reason, something for us sane readers to hang on to, otherwise they are painted with the monster brush and predictable and BORING. The only reason this specific book made my hair stand up was because KIDS were being vamped in it.. and kid vampires remind me of Children of the Corn....

k so. Im about 12 hours away from being kidless. The Friday evening before the kids are in bed, on the night before they go to Linda's for a sleepover? Those are the hardest fucking hours to get through. Luckily both kids are exhausted by Fri night, so they both sleep fairly well....

i should go to bed... so I can have a good morning with the two monsters..



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