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9:49 p.m. - 2011-02-18
pier and certificate
This started as a comment on your little slice of heaven and I decided to bring it home, since you read this anyways and I did a little aha! about myself when reading you entry... uh yeah that didnt make much sense, who cares, onward:

I used to drive to the lake, at night (this would be Grand Bend, Meggs ) and then drive out by the pier (the short one thats left of where you used to park right on the beach), and walk out to the end and just stare out across the water.. usually while crying... usually in off season... summer you can't even get there at night. and the ice on the beach? fucking amazing when the moon hits it...
it took about four hours to get there and home again, and I usually got lost on the way home in the dark, but yes.. that was my solice. In summer-ish times I would drive to this road that i used to know, I could almost get to the beach, but not quite (private cottages) but I could roll down the window and listen to the waves..... I used to skip school and go there and sleep. Okay maybe that happened only once.. because Tali freked out.. or maybe it was you meggs? no it was def Tali because I didn't tell her where I was...

Now I associate driving with the leaving bad terrible ugly thoughts behind.. Mostly cuz I don't have four hours to randomly drive to the lake.. much less free time on my hands now.. and I dont even know if the pier is still there after the renos... ugh, it sucks, they turned it into a tourist town.. not a beach town. Stupid. The drunks are just gonna ruin it...

Anyways, now? Now I drive thinking about them.. until I get to the point I have to pull over and have a good cry, and then I mop my face, and have a smoke, and look at wherever I stopped (usually some random farmer's fields)
And then I drive home, usually singing at the top of my lungs to something loud and lovely... or at least something I can crank and sing along to.

I found out today that I can get a Professional Certificate in Creative Writing. HOLY FUCK. Why haven't I been researching this?? What better use for the free monies I will have once the FRO gets in gear?!

I could be a uni grad yet..... heh. I have to look into courses offered online, or at Conestoga though. I don't know if I could get into Western.... Or be able to commute to Western.

anyways, yes. this is what Im going to look up tonight. Because it's totally in my reach you know? And I can get this stuff done, and get the cred for on my freaking query letter..... or maybe get the books written first..

But yeah, Diane came over with the book and its like someone LIT ME ON FIRE.. I am so goddamned excited for this shit...



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