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4:56 p.m. - 2011-02-28
bleeeeerg FRO you!
I'm pissed off, and this entry isn't coherant, bear with me.. or skip it. whatevs.

k for god's sake..

what the hell is wrong with this..

I finally get the papers from FRO, adn you know what?! the payments that I haven't got yet, because for some goddamn reason it takes the courts and FRO SIX WEEKS to get their shit together...
and now I can't even speed write and fling it back at them..
I have to get a Statement of Arrears notarized.. because I've missed two payments, and it will be three by wednesday.. so if I want that $1500 I have to pay someone to sign a paper saying Patrick owes it to me...

This is so goddamn DUMB, If they know that it takes the court/FRO a couple months WHY DON'T THEY BUMP IT OUT and add these months to the arrears payment??

I'm not the asshole here, but in order to make the asshole financially responsible for his own goddamn kids, I have to hire a lawyer, I have to sit in court and sit near him while he acts like I'm infectious, and now I have TEN PAGES of shit to fill out, and I have to get one of them NOTARIZED before they can actually pay the support TO ME..

for fuck's sake.. so what, now I pay my lawyer another $200 for her goddamned signature?!

It so frustrating. I'm not in the wrong, I'm not the one going out and getting drunk all the time and whatever !!!!

HE should be running around getting this notarized.. not me. Fucking stupid.

And I can't even get it done today, because then the March payment will be lost in the middle somewhere and he either won't have to pay for it, or I'll have to get something notarized AGAIN four months out..

This is of course assuming he hasn't made a payment yet, which is a pretty good assumption considering he doesn't pay his rent to his mom and she nags him right in his face about it..

Yeah.. I know it's necessary, but fucking stupid.. once again I have to incur all this fucking additional shit to get him to be responsible..

This had better be worth it. After I get this paper work done and Express Posted back to the FRO I better not have to do fuck all...



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