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5:18 p.m. - 2011-03-02
blackout blackout blaaaackout
Blackout is mine.. MINE.. And I succeeded in politely encouraging the lady at Chapters to get out the other six of 'em that she had on a shelf in the back and put them on the shelf in the front, you know, where people will see them?

Yeah.. also, Rob Thurman has a SciFi book called Chimera, which is also about bromance so I bought it. But mostly I bought it because it supports Rob, which I have to do, because if there's no Rob, there's no Cal, and as tasty and satisfying as Sam is (from Supernatural) I just can't imagine life without Cal..

Im still trying to figure out why cynical emo boys with monsters inside turn my crank.... jury is still out.. haven't got a clue on this one, actually.

I had a dream last night about a boy who was goooorguuuss with 'old eyes' and I told him that in the cab on the way to his house.. that bit about the 'old eyes'...
Im randomgirl in my dreams apparently..

In other news, the 5 disc dvd player doesn't remember which disc is 1 and which is 2, etc.. makes it hard to watch the damn things in order.. I have to try to remember which the player thinks is 5....

I took a half day off of work to get the thing Commissioned and Mailed to the FRO. And I took time to drive to London to get Blackout and Chimera.

Apparently I need more books to read.. the pile leaning precariously isn't enough..

OHOH and I had a huuuge plot um no character revelation too..

I had the protanganist leaning too heavily on her boy... so luckily I came up with something wicked to even it out a little, and let him be more dependant on her, but not in an unrequited love kind of way but a survival kind of way.

And it involves charmed nail polish.. heheh.. sometimes I am far far too clever for my own good. Er, maybe clever is the wrong word.

My imagination knows no bounds.. I kind of tied Gen and Lucky together... sort of. Gen's story is prequel material..

k i need to go get my kids and figure out what to make for supper and take more drugs before my sinuses rupture..

lovely visual there. mmm.



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