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9:57 p.m. - 2011-03-17
im turning into a nineteen yr old fangirl.
So. Um. Hi.

Been a while since I ignored this site so completely while still having internet access..

I did something horrible(wonderful) I discovered tumblr.

BUT not just random people posting pics of themselves and answering anon qs.

No no nonono. I have Dland for peering into personal lives.

I have discovered the fandom for SPN, on tumblr.

Apparently the avg age of an Supernatural fan is NINETEEN.

FFS. If this show was on when I was in highschool.. jesus fucking christ things might have turned out a little different.

Maybe not, but it would have BEAT the everloving snot out of pop music, thats for sure. And then that numetal crap.

Im finally old enough to listen to some LP songs without drooling on myself. I was a little afraid I would think they walked on water for the rest of my life...

anyways. Back to why Im a retard for tumblr.

So Im rewatching SPN, from the beginning.. and I was fucking BOOORED at work, so I was searching out what the fandom is called (Its split between SuperFreaks and Saltgunners. I hate getting that song in my head, so Saltgunners for me, plus I like that name better, it has SOMETHING to do with the show that you might have to explain, the other one just gets you an oh your a freak kind of look)

So I'm dickin around with this for a bit and then I search the tattoo they ahve (anti-possession) and its FLAMES around a PENTAGRAM. Handy how I already have TWO PENTS on my wrists.. so I was thinking that was pretty much epicinabox and then I found some tumblr thing.. with the pic of the tatt.. and it was just allll pics of SPN... and then I realized I had stumbled onto A ROOM INSIDE MY OWN GODDAMN HEAD.

And I promptly blacked out for a few min. THen I emailed the link to myself at home.

THen two days for my comp to be fixed, and that was almost a week ago. Every spare minute has been spent on tumblr (and i hate typing that i always screw it up)

and every moment of EVERY DAY there is more pics, more SPN spam, more Jared and Jensen spam... just fucking amazing.

And they are ALL rewatching the seasons, because the finale of S6 is at the beg of April.

so everyone is making gifs and caps to do with random seasons..

It is honestly I am not fucking shitting, like standing inside a gallery in my own head.

god it's beautiful.

Aaaaand you know what the best FUCNJSKLGSJKL part is?! It's technically research !!! because almost all of them are either in highschool OR college... so they are the perfect fuckign age to spy on if I want to get Lucky's tone right.

Of course I will have to venture out from under the SPN umbrella to really justify it as research.. soo.. yeah.

k so. in other news. my comp is still fucked. the nerd guy (stratford thinks that its a power surge issue, because of a bunch of reasons. He also said it might be a motherboard issue (worst case)

Some how.. I am not sure how, really, because I was RAAAGING when it crashed on me the first time on Monday night, I was so fucking mad, adn then I talked to the guy and I was normal and all Meh if its broken its broken.

Not sure how that phone call diffused so much rage, but it did.

Maybe because every day I get closer to knowing whether Patricks paying his support? And I know that maybe sometime soon in the future $300 on the broken comp isn't much at all..

hopefully. anyways. I should be folding laundry. because I have neglected it and JESUS there is so much fucking laundry...

yeah. so. tumblr is calling..

cuz looking at SPN makes me stop raging at the world. Somehow. I dont know how the fuck it works. And Im still two seasons behind. TWO SEASONS. I cant justify $60 on S5 yet though... and S6 is still technically airing... so it wont be.. hmm maybe summer when I finally get it?

kind of amazing how I've managed not to spoil the whole thing. although I do know that Sam/Dean survive and Sam loses his soul (Im excited about that part tho, because I loooove me some evil Sam)

Guess its the monsterlover in me.. hmmm.. maybe i should change my HOLY FUCK BRAIN WAVE....



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