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10:15 p.m. - 2011-03-24
kinda funny this feeling inside
I remember what I wanted to come here to record.

"Remember when you did your first hair cut?"
"Aw, yeah, and your hair was sooo long!"
"That's what happens when your best friend is a hair dresser."

....... you know what? I'm a fucking idiot. How can I be 27 yrs old and still go squishy when someone says this to me?

It's kinda dumb, because we have not a lot in common really (you have waay more personality in common with her than I do) but.. butbutbut... there's that thing.

Oh and in other news, I'm really really starting to hate Dave's guts.

If he hits her? I'm totally kicking his ass at your party. Just, uh, fair warning?

Also: I'm a complete bitch for feeling the tiniest bit of happiness in their misery. It's like a sliver in my heart. A sliver of yellow flame. And I can't get it to go out. I keep smushing it in allll the anger I have for Dave, (He keeps fucking it up! He has EXACTLY what I want and over and over and over again he FUCKS IT UP) but it still stays lit.

I want to help, but the only thing I keep thinking about is kicking him in the junk...



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