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5:07 p.m. - 2011-07-19
not working.
Welp, that didn't work. Not sure why I assume that Murphy's Law no longer rules my life, but I made this genius plan and it blew up in my face.

So. Yes a netbook is perfect, except they seem to only run on wireless internet, which is fine, except that the wireless router thing requires a RUNNING COMPUTER to hook onto, plus my internet modem, to make it wireless the internets in my apartment.... so I need a running tower to make my netbook wirelessly internet.

The moral of this story is I spent $500 on a very nice, extremely portable type writer.
Therefore, Murphy is telling me that I should really get back to writing.
But there's two things.
A) my writing is stored on a disc. And my netbook of course does not have a disc drive, so I would have to start from scratch and I LOATHE doing that. Althought it might help me fix things that are broken with what I have.. maybe.
B) I'm a little afraid that if I start writing, I'm going to end up with my Tor as a carbon copy of Ceej, and that would not be all that great. (Even though I imagine that I've been crafting him with Ceej in mind anyways, but if its subconscious that's one thing, but if I know I'm doing it, that's Wrong.)

And no, I'm not explaining what a Tor is. Not yet. I haven't nailed the mythology to the floor yet, so it's still up in the air. I tend to like weird familil relationships that either lean heavily on the side of codependence or are outright dying or living in hell for one another (Sam and Dean, Cal and Nik, Simon and River) and romantic relationships that lean heavily toward the literally cannot survive without you or lose their sanity without you or at least lay every other relationship to waste because they can't be without you (Dante and Japh, Jill and Saul, Jacob and Bella, Dru and Graves) (And just cuz those two ain't said nothin outloud doesn't mean anything t'all, mmmk? They love each other. And Reynard can go suck an egg. He's like 900 yrs old for god's sake...)

Yeah. So. Placing someone I know, or at least an essence of someone I know in that position? I dunno. Chances are he wouldn't rec himself anyway, but I would. And thats a Problem.

I am not my characters. And neither are my characters a direct representation of a single person.
No compromise on either of those statements. And that's why my Beta is always going to be someone I know (that'd be you, Meghan) cuz then they can catch me when a char sounds too much like someone I know. Or too much like myself. Which Lucky may or may not turn into.

I think I might be just scared to start writing this girl.



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