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11:16 p.m. - 2011-07-23
11.5 yrs. ugh,
I brought the old haunt back from the grave. Took a lot of doing. I really fucked up every bit of html on that bit of business and have had to remember how to fix it...

Its still not totally fixed but I read some earliest entries and it's quite alrright that you can only get as far back as 2005 through the older page.. jesus, why the hell did any of you read me back then?

Also: Nothing has changed. Not a damn bit. Ive moved how many times? had two babies? completely rearranged my life for different reasons and yet, the fundamental crazy is still here. Excpt Im far less cryptic now I think. and far less poetical.

Now I make up my own words and use them as verbs. Or nouns.

Don't you get sick of reading the same things over and over Meggs?

Ugh, shiver. Some bastard is walking on my grave, the prick.

ps if you do wanna go back and see the old place the user is still myfriend and the pw is still keephimout

you know, for old times sake, or rather just in case someone from the old days remembers me and might be on the same comp and might actually be able to get in. Or something.



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