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10:04 p.m. - 2011-09-11
Slytherin Aquarius - so accurate it hurts
Slytherins under the Aquarius sign may up front seem cold and uncaring, but this is the detached nature of both the Water Carrier and the Snake combine to make the need to act as though they donít care very apparent. They are very prone to dry humour and wit, but this is just their mask, they are actually one of the most emotional combinations there is. They are fragile in this way, and the thought of being broken to a Slytherin is one worse than death, so they make sure everyone thinks they feel nothing in order to keep wanting to feel. The only way they may show you some of their true self is if you are a close friend to them, but if you are looking for something romantic you may want to look somewhere else, Slytherin Aquarians are hesitant and terrified of being hurt.



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