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9:11 a.m. - 2017-01-18
Ive got my netbook on top of my microwave and im trying to get my fingers to the right keys again.

I left Patrick. For realz this time. Did the shelter thing, got counselling.

I havent been here because i forgot the pw and didnt realize this little netbook was saving it for me.

Its got my livejournal too, which is interesting because 6 years later i have a vague recollection of posting parts of my nano book to keep myself accountable and then i just kept writing and didnt need the accountibilkity

the back spacr key is too small and too far from my pinky

I wrote a book on this dinky thing, how strange

i still have 3/4 of my christmas decorations up, chronic pain is a bastarfd

I checked two of the diaries I follow, one's last entry was from hospital and jesus fucking christ thats worse, thats worse than the entries just stopping one day.

theres another one was just stopped, years ago, and thats okay. i can imagine her living her fantastic life.

and another one was still here and just went through a terrible break up, (DONT GIVE IN, this is totaly my biased and emotionally abused bullshit but DONT GO BACK AND DONT GIVE IN)

nothing like throwing my two cents into this message in a bottle.

tumblr is good, i mean Ive met a shitton of good people on there and met three of them, IRL OMG, but its hard to catch text posts there, dland will always be an emotional life raft for me.

So i should figure out how to get the known only to this tiny machine password moved over to my desk top..

and i should edit my nano book.

but first, christmas is over ffs what is all this sparkly shit everywhere



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