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12:00 a.m. - 2018-08-12
working on making it start again
holy i hit the add an entry button right at 1200.

that never happens.

so I'm having this thing.. where I have that feeling directly in front of my spine, and I keep listening to a song that happened across my dash on tumblr (

just over and over and over and..

I'm waiting. Waiting to hear back from a job interview, waiting on hearing back from housing to confirm I can stay in this apartment for another year. waiting for school to start again. waiting for it to get close enough to make plans that have to be made for school starting again.

waiting for fall.

waiting for whatever horrible thing that is making this feeling in the back of my chest happen to just fucking happen already so I can take a deep breath again.

Is there anyone left here or has all the people I used to know left?



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