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9:33 p.m. - 2018-08-17
I should know better
Things changed of course, as they usually do when my kiddos grandfather (AG) is involved..

He was in the front room when I got there, wearing too much clothing for the 30+ weather.. but there's no way in hell I'm volunteering to dress him. Err, undress.

He hobbled his way around the masses of things piled on every flat surface and in all corners to the small bedroom he uses as a filing room, which means just as much clutter but it's mostly papers.

He eventually returned with a $100 bill in his hand, to give to me to finance the trip to his Dr on Tuesday, and eventually he got around to mentioning it might be a good idea for the kiddos to see the movie then while he is in with the doctor.

Which is the better idea. That I myself should have thought of instead of telling the kids we could see a movie today. Ugh.

When I got his mail for him, I backed into a metal pole marker at the edge of the road on the other side (trailer park, it's not wide at all) that I didn't see (there's six of these metal poles, one of them was in my blind spot).
Dad's gonna be pissed, and will use it as more fuel to encourage me to drop the idea of delivery jobs. It's cosmetic damage though, so he won't have to fix anything and nothing is in danger of falling off.
About the only good thing is I've paid off the car, so at least there's not that strike against me. The car is technically mine to total completely. Technically.

I've done two sinks of dishes, and watched two seasons of The Crown, surprising myself with how much I knew about the royal family, without meaning to pay attention. I had to keep reminding myself of the time period it portrayed. It's been a while since I heard the word 'divorcee'.

Kids have noticed that I'm speaking weirdly, which is what happens when I watch a lot of a single series or read a lot of a single series of books when a character has a certain way of talking. I can suppress it (it Greatly Pissed Off the ex) but that's where the 'darling' came from, I stole it from Clay and you'll take it from my cold dead hands, tyvm. (I've likely mentioned that before. Soz. I'm not going back and rereading just to make sure I'm not repeating myself. I love you, dear reader, but that way lies madness most profoundly.)

I think in other circumstances I could have done alright as a voice actor,

Anyways, what the fuck was I talking about even... oh right.

So we're going to the movies Tuesday, we're dropping AG off at the hospital an hour early for his appt and then buzzing over to the theater and possibly having some kind of fast food after, unless the kiddos arent hungry after popcorn and whatnot.

Eldest is buying clothes for school with my mom, and staying the night tomorrow night.
Youngest and I are going to do some housecleaning. He keeps trying to help me with the dishes and asks to vacuum for me, so I'm going to put him to work so taht the house is presentable for Monday, when I meet my ~boss. And when Dad asks about the car.

At least it will look like I take care of things. And not just curl up in bed and absorb talking like a monarch (with a migraine pounding away behind my eyeballs. Damn thing).



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