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10:47 p.m. - 2018-08-21
im trying not to think on it too hard and just Do It
One of the things I've become horrendously attached to since I stopped regularly writting here is Critical Role.

I absolutely should have played D&D when I was a teenager, or even early. The amount of unnecessary risks I have taken due to feeling suicidal could have been cut in half (or more) if I had a character I could have thrown into lava pits and darkest forests and killed the big bad guy etc etc.

Not saying it would have cured me (although it could have) but I think it would have seriously helped me in the self esteem area, and given me several creative outlets (fucking painting minis, I did that for my ex's Warhammer and that is right up my alley)

Anyway, I'm setting up an encounter for Eldest for her twelfth birthday (a week from Friday) for her, my youngest brother, and Youngest), now I'vfe never played, but i've watched over 300 hours of Critical Role. Sooo we're going to play a version similar to Critical Role, possibly in a town/woods that the Crit Role peeps have been, just because I think that's cute and I'm familiar with it. Maybe not though.

My youngest brother has played a fair amount of Dnd, and has dice and 4e books so ive started the discussion with him to let him know its not any real rules thing its going to bea sandbox type world that im mostly making up on the spot

i hope it goes well. i hope she likes it. i hope i can dm a game ive never actually played



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