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9:12 a.m. - 2018-08-23
relying on charity is dehumanizing.
Morning, I'm trying to get motivated to take the kiddos to see about backpacks and school supplies. It starts at 10, and Im treating it kind of like the foodbank there, I assume they will set out the backpacks in a similar fashion to the food and that if we want the most selection we have to go there in the morning, right when it opens and get a number and wait in line.

Anything with volunteers typically frustrates the shit out of me, because there is usually an obvious way to go about doing things more efficiently (restocking the shelves so that it's worthwhile for people to come in the afternoon, instead of only stocking the shelves in the morning, causing a rush and crush in the waiting room and stressing out the volunteers for 2+ hours in the morning) but because it's volunteers, it's run by an attitude of "we've always done it This Way" and change is so slow to come.

I'm going to go wake the kiddos up, and see if I can't motivate them and that will motivate me.

I just hope we can find something, and I hope that the volunteers don't sneer at my daughter if she picks a "boy" backpack...

Please, universe, let this be the last time I have to rely on this service, for any reason. I don't want to ever have to walk into this building for any reason ever again.



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