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2:49 p.m. - 2018-08-23
best laid plans... hopefully i dont forget
We got backpacks. The volunteer was very nice. School supplies were included, so the list for Eldest for back to school has shrunk considerably. I'm going to see if I still have a serviceable zip up binder or if we need to get a new one.. or of she even needs one?? who knows. I might wait until after the first day just to see.

One thing they didn't tell us about was that they were also providing gift cards to put towards new shoes, so I was practically in tears as we drove over to the little mall that's in town. I was able to get three brand new pairs for $90, and because I spent over $120 before the discount, I got another card for $25 (because they reward people that spend more, as it is every fucking where but in this case it worked out for me) that I can spend early next month if we end up needing another pair.

Im really fuckin glad I didn't already buy shoes for the kids though, that would have been terrrrrrible.

Mom came by and traded me her bike, which has a low rise bar to it, and a wide seat, she bought it before her surgery so it's very functional for someone over 300lbs.

So tomorrow I'm going to rearrange things outside so that the old bike is brought up to the road or given to goodwill or whatever has to be done with that so I can tarp the remaining bikes so the rain doesn't ruin them, and then I will ask the neighbours about storing the bikes in their garage in the winter... OR I might be able to rearrange shit in my living room to store them in here actually.. maybe that should be my big project for this weekend. Moving bins that I have to go through and organize into my room so I can move furniture around in the livingroom to create space by the sliding door for the bikes when the snow flies...

Now there's an idea. In between the 4-6 hours of sewing and the drinking alone talking to people online I have planned.



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