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6:32 p.m. - 2018-08-29
things are mid-shift, but slow enough i can keep up
Sometimes i open this box and then walk away and natter to myself like I'm typing in here.

Found Eldest's notepad outside where Ex had left it. Wish I could take back the disappointment on her face at finding it had been soaked by the rains in the last 24 hours...

The weather is finally cooling off for a couple of nights before it blazes back up again.. at least I might be able to see the full-ish moon everyone was talking about last night on the socials.

Confirmed my suspicions that my new 'boss' sewing lady is actually a giant flake that forgets everything she's doing and can't really handle the amount of orders for hand crafted goods that she takes on. Hense why things are a little fuckyducked and why I had to cut a bunch of material before being able to sew the seams..

I want my own sewing machine so fucking bad !!! I'm terrified of breaking this ancient thing, so i don't dare try to change some of my own clothes on it. Not that there's much I have to work with (everything is getting holes in ughhh) but.. still.

There's some flannel type shirts I wanna take the sleeves off of.. so I can add a little (or lot of) queer in my wardrobe..

Depending on how much I actually get paid for sewing tomorrow, I might have enough to get a couple pants and shirts at the goodwills of the town. Just to keep me going (and prepared for the possibility of a job interview in the not so humid weather)

I feel hopeful. It's an unusual, but welcome feeling.



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