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12:29 a.m. - 2018-09-01
critical role made me do it
Played my first game of D&D today, DM'd it. Which is not really the way things are supposed to go, but, considering my level of anxious energy about Eldest's bday today it was a good thing for me.

So my brother, the experienced player, said I did well and that it was the most fun he's had playing in a while. Other brother (who was new to it also, and came in late to it today) also said that he had fun and wants to play again. Eldest loved it, loves her character and can't wait until the next session. Youngest likes hitting things with a sword but doesn't really have the attention span for it.

So we might have a weekly D&D thing starting.

I have a lot to read by next week, npc's to figure out, story arcs to read and memorize, etc.

I should sleep.



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