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11:44 a.m. - 2018-09-08
20 min is not that far...
Slept alright, but Youngest has decided today and yesterday that 630 is a good time to get up. I'm trying to convince him to go back to bed until at least 7am.

Buuut after he wakes me up, that's it for me. I'm aware of all my body's complaints from laying down for so long and I gotta change position.

Sewing lady forgot some key components to the sewing operation, and apparently driving between towns (20min max) is too much for her to do.... so she has to schedule the trip along with other things to make it 'worth her while'.

Ive convinced her to meet me halfway on the highway to give me the baggie of sewing supplies (thread, scissors, seam ripper, bobbins) so I'm going to drive ten minutes down the highway tomorrow morning so that she doesnt have to make a full trip to my town.
She also talked abotu having my dad drop it off. Dude. DUDE. fuck off with that nonsense, he's on midnights this week, first of all, and secondly he's not your PA.

I don't get it. You fucked up, so make the trip, spend the $0.50 in gas to fix it.

Oh and she's also giving me more blankets to sew at the same time. And all of this batch is due on Tuesday. Which is fine, I'll take today to hang out with family and things, and then tomorrow spend the day sewing (after I pick up the shit from her) and then Monday I'll spend the day sewing.

And then probably she won't actually pick anything up on Tuesday because she'll have a nap and forget or get behind again or just not feel like it.

Flaky-est boss I've ever ever had.

But I'm absorbing all of this skill, as much as she's showing me at least. And by the end of it I'll inherit the sewing business that she's only half-assing right now.

So there's that idea glowing in the distance, beyond all of this here tomfoolery.

It's nice to be working towards something.



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