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12:39 p.m. - 2018-09-14
never ending waiting, interview went alright I think ??
I think I did well in the second interview. No immediate job offer but she did mention other interviews she had schedule today, and that she would let me know Mon or Tues whether I got the job or not. Both the interviewers (one was the boss lady) seemed to appreciate the questions that I had for them as well, got to talk about how well I would handle angry customers.

Soo more waiting.

Tonight is a potluck party thing at my friend's.. looking forward to hanging out there for a few hours to get the scoopdoop about why they had to push back their move date by a month, and whether we can still blondening my hair or not (since she is still living in a house that's not hers and working full time, and doesn't actually have her hands on her box of hair styling stuff.. so there's lots of factors that could veto it)

And it's all good either way. If she can't then I will book an appointment at the school and give them a whirl.

My brother was supposed to get back to me about D&D tomorrow night but he hasn't. so Im guessing that's not happening this week, which means at least two weeks until the next session can be planned because of my other brother's weddddddding on the 29th. Not sure how his fiance will feel about him possibly playing D&D a week before the wedding, and then definitely not on wedding night haaa

also, i might have a job next week ??? So there's that to sortof factor in.

Eldest is attempting to walk from her junior high to meet up with Youngest when they are both done school today, so taht I don't have to fight the horrible traffic and insanity downtown for an hour in order to pick them both up. It cuts half an hour (at least!) off my time of anxiety riddled driving, and Im hoping eases up on the immense shitty feelings Ive been having by the time I've gotten home every day the last week and a half.. ya know if she can navigate her way across the middle of downtown on her own without getting lost..... *paper bag breathing

Im going to look up vegan potluck food ideas, because it's over 30 degrees today and all the ideas I had were FALL inspired damn it and non of them feel right anymore. And I need to think of something I can bring for my kiddos to eat.. or maybe I'll just bring stuff for my kiddos and not worry about the rest..because.. well, they are the kind of friends that won't mind if I don't adhere to every dietary need as long as everyone is getting fed.
Also don't want to bring things that need oven time or stove time... and also aren't three bags of chips which is where I'm leaning at the moment.. (corn chips and salsa maybe??)



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