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1:12 a.m. - 2020-01-01
theres no lyrics tonight, just silence and resignation
well that was really good, right until it wasnt

who the fuck lets their three grade school kids play Cards against Humanity with them?

I feel like when she came in at 12:35am with her three kids and they just sort of hung around the adults until their mom was like okay sure deal them in

what the fuck?

If you wanna use that game in your own home with your kids, whatever, their your kids you can make that decision, i think its weird but whatever your house your rules

but I was super goddamn uncomfortable with that whole situation, these kids Ive never met before, this mom Ive only met once before last goddamn week and now?

Like fuck your oldest kid was just trying to people please you, can you not fucking see that? Dont you think that when they find out they played this with you, their mom, before they were old enough to know what all the words meant, dont you think thats going to fuck with their heads??

there is such a thing as growing up too fast, why are you hurrying that process along?

Also, even if I was okay with playing an adult card game with children, my ten year old was playing alone, in a house with FOUR other kids, he was playing alone.

So I left, taking him with me, and making sure he didn't notice that he was left alone in favour of a game that NONE of them were emotionally mature enough to handle.

And now I dont know if I can go back there if she's gonna be there, with her kids. She was already bitching about how the previous place she was at tonight one of the people there didnt like how she showed up with her kids... and then I left not ten minutes after she showed up with her kids...

ugh fuck, if I had any ANY other friends nearby who wanted to do something with me any fucking time this wouldnt matter.. I just feel like Ive fucked up the only thing I had going for me, once a fucking year, with decent people.. who apparently have a sister that has weird parenting things



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