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9:51 p.m. - 2020-01-01
Guess if I would have had an abortion we wouldn't be talking.

Interesting. In a well okay guess theres a reason for everything then isnt there.

I started listening to

its pretty good, the diet mentions make me want to scream but thats just the time of year, and how loudly all of those particular thoughts have been inside my own head lately.

theres a couple things ive twigged on saying to myself, well that doesnt work with teh adhd, but i think i can make most of the advice in it work.

also, she writes/says words like self-helpery, so she feels like my kind of people. oh i just remembered the depression bit. so, ya know, she's not great with acknowledging mental illnesses as a thing but whatever, most of the advice is sound.

sound enough. it resonates. what ever. she makes me laugh and doesnt turn my stomach with too much ~inspiration~

anyway i just fell down an amazon rabbit hole of her stuff thats for sale BUT I didn't just add it all to my cart, I put it on my wishlist and in a week or month or whenever i check my wishlist next i'll see if I actually want those things (calendar, magnets, her literal books) or if Im just adhd spinning

impulse control! see, my brain IS my bitch



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