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8:45 a.m. - 2020-03-28
just no time to die
So work is caught up finally, as of yesterday morning. Everyone is starting to act somewhat normal and not quite so deer-in-headlights panicked. We also got plexi shields propped up at each till and at the dispensary, so that helps.

So far two people have decided to stay home, One was a dude i was training for the other part time delivery gig, and the other was in the dispensary. I like her so i hope she comes back, but i dont think she will. she hasnt been working very long with the pharmacy

The funny part to me is that the only one with synptoms almost sort of covid, is a dude who spent one day this week hand sani-ing gloves he was wearing all day ? Like dude, that's not going to help you ya dummy. He was also 'washing' the money he was given by people, with hand sani and 'drying' them with clorox wipes.

Such a waste of the only PPE we have.

and dumb, because we have to focus on not spreading it, not focus on not getting it. we are going to get it, it's only a matter of time for that because we are coming to work every day and arent holed up in our houses.

I need to figure out better moisturizer, the one i have at home smells amazing feels amazing aaaand across all my knuckles and in a crecent beside the base of my thumb still look and feel sunburnt from the hand sani and washing.

The money worries psoriasis has disappeared though, but i expected that when i got my tax return and it was almost $3000.

Speaking of income, I still cant get through to CRA to get them to unlock my online account so I can print the supporting documents for my Annual Housing Review thingy. It's due Mar 31st. If I can't get through Monday I'll complete what I can and submit that, and then email the case worker and advise her that I'll be submitting the documents as soon as I can get my account unlocked.
I'm also going to write up a thing stating that my situation has NOT changed from last year, with details about how the kids still live with me, im still working, and that I will get the supp docs to them as soon as I can. and sign that and submit it with the package.

Not that I'm real worried about losing my apartment at this present moment, since Ford has explicitly stated that people wont be evicted but whoooo knows.

Im still not sleeping well unless it's during the day. which is completely fucking up whatever tiny remains of a schedule i had. I love not having to get up to get the kids to school, but I still havent started homeschooling yet.

Saw a post on instagram about that, about how working a full time job is a fulltime job (duh, heh), but so is runnign a household when everything changes every day, and so is teaching your kids. So if you are expecting to do all these things with only one person or even two people, you are still coming up short, and EVERYONE is coming up short, so dont feel like utter shit. It's an impossibility thats being tossed on to parents.

I don't have a full time job, but I do have a chronic illness, a part time job that I go in every day for, a household to keep stocked and clean, and homeschooling TWO kids, both 10+, so it's not just sing along songs and abcs, not that that is easy but it's easier then trying to figure out where my 10 and 13 year olds left off and what exactly the curriculum is for grade 8 and 6 and how I teach both at the same time.

And the ideas I had about child led learning or whatever, are being crushed by the messages Im getting from the gr 5 teacher.

I think I'm going to have to move my desk/computer into the kitchen/livingroom. Maybe. I dunno. Maybe it will be easier for me if I leave it here and make the kiddo come in to my room to do school work.... that way I can rest on my bed while he's doing it.. that could work.

So good news is today's hours are shortened (only 10-5 instead of 830-6) and tomorrows hours are the same (10-5) which okay that's easy on one hand but I've worked every day since Monday and now Im adding two more 7 hour days to this..

Newwest dude im training for the other part time delivery job didnt show alst night for his training shift with me, i dunno if he's going to show today either. part of me hopes not because training on top of everything else is just making me pull my hair out, but also I dont want to work every day from now until forever, with only one day off every two weeks...

I know I'm being a martyr, and probably reckless, by still working, but i feel like i have to keep working until i get sick, because once i get sick i wont be able to work again for two weeks after that at least...

Or maybe my immune system will go overkill and I'll end up hospitalized and have a 50/50 chance of making it through

Or maybe C is right and it's all bullshit and none of it exists at all. (not the one im going with, and kneejerk reaction makes me want to say fuckkkk offffff with that shit, but who knows)

I'm going to catch up with my buddylist, and then head to work.



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