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6:42 p.m. - 2020-03-29
see you then, welwalla
Just put on The Expanse to rewatch in the background and teared up at the theme music.. I just want comfort so fucking badly.

Apparently I touch my face/hair to self soothe, and I didnt know that I did until I stopped.

I have a day off tomorrow. I have to get some groceries but thats all. Oh and finish filling out my annual review package and dropping it off at housing. without the damn supporting docs unless a miracle happens and I get through to the CRA.

the skin on my hands is so irritated and itchy. im trying to remember to moisturize.

im so tired im going to lie down for the night now, and its not even 7

the headache that comes and goes apparently comes on when im tired. i think.

i should go back to practicing belte



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