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12:51 p.m. - 2020-03-31
Some resist the future, some refuse the past
Okay so I filled out all the blank parts of this stupid annual review. Nothing has changed you fuckers just approve me for the next twelve months. ACTUALLY if you could show me the approval from last years review, that would be great too.

Im adding a letter stating I cant get their demanded 'supporting documents' because my CRA account is locked and I cant get them to unlock it as I cannot. get. through. the. goddamn. phone. line due to all this confusion about the monetary support from the government and who qualifies and who doesnt.
And yeah I should have had it unlocked months ago, but I forgot it was locked, and didn't realize I only had thirty days to complete this review pakcage this year (every other goddamn year they've given us until June)

Now I have to copy the birth certs for ALL of us, because of course they wont have record of that fucking anywhere, because citizenship changes year to goddamn year dont ya know

and print out two months worth of bank statements, AND get a thing signed by my bank stating I dont have any hidden assets, and copy two months worth of pay stubs (even though they will see the deposits IN the fucking bank statements but whatever) just to make sure I'm not secretly making more money even though it's dumb because I sign a thing saying they can kick me out if Im lying on this so just, fucking, trust, that I dont actually want to live off the government knowing this rental subsidy is only gonna last for another 5ish years..

And I have to see if I ever got a report card for either kid with all of this strike stuff, which I dont think I actually did so I might have to add that to my letter of 'just fucking trust me you fucks'

I was worried about it but whatever the worst that can happen is my rent goes up by $600/month, and that wont actually kick in until July, so heres hoping I can get supporting docs to these people before July 1st.

Okay I should stop procrastinating and set up this fancy new printer/scanner/copier/magic device. Which I will be precariously balancing on top of some bins full of stuff that I dont remember, but apparently couldnt get rid of for some reason.

Being homeless for 3 months, and jobless for 16 months will make you a goddamn packrat.



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