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1:10 p.m. - 2020-04-03
speaking with numbers
Im off for the whole weekend. Not even sure what to do with myself for this whole time.

I fully expect to be called in, if only because they want to change the entirity of the schedule for everyone, because everyone who works fulltime is getting burnt out

Im giggling a little, just because im pretty good at compartmentalizing and giving shit back to the public that treat me like shit, and a lot of these people are not.

I have half a mind to let the owners know that I would be cool with door duty, even if they only paid me a half rate or something, so I could man the door and tell rude and entitled people to fuck off

Like I have a skull face mask and a skeleton hoodie I could wear and everything..

but that wouldnt fly, even if it did make the front till staff a little more relaxed.

alternately, i could put my hawk up and use my black eyeliner and make an impressive resting bitch face, while wearing my usual workshirt.

It irks me that people are trying to intimidate these tiny super friendly women, that are just trying to do their jobs.

Im trying to wait until Sunday to do groceries again. It's backwards and hard for me to do one big grocery shop for the week, i dont have the energy to wander a grocery store for 2 hours gathering all the stuff, pushing a full cart, unloading it into my car and carrying it in.. the anxiety of being around so many people right now, that alone wipes me out.

and I dunno how much difference one trip per week groceries really makes either since Im still working, so i leave my house all the time anyway.

So I'm breaking it into two grocery trips, that I do whenevr I have a day off, and one of those will eventually be ordered online if that ever becomes feasible again (ie, not putting in the order a week ahead of time and still waiting 2 hrs in the parking lot for it, thats not the workers fault, that's shitty management from the company that isnt supporting the workers)

In other completely unrelated news

the only pride I seem to have left is I hate being pitied, even if someone is pitying my own freely admitted stupidity or naivity



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