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7:04 p.m. - 2020-04-12
kids cackling at something, the youtubes maybe
I made it. My leg did too, despite it's best efforts to make me fall on my face here at the end of my shift. My calf muscle started burning something wicked... Weirdo swollen leg thing.

I'm now off for almost two whole days, I dont have to go back until 5pm on Tuesday. By which time I fully expect everything to have changed again

Accidentally said the word Clusterfuck to one of the owner's on Saturday, about this whole situation. We were talking about the local health unit and how she's of the opinion they are the best and I was trying to point out to her all the ways they've been close lipped and annoying. She agreed with me, but didn't change her mind about how awesome the unit is, despite admitting that they didnt actually say what 'close proximity' means and wouldn't elaborate for her when she asked about how close that means.. whether we're okay at the dispensary/till parts of the store or not

Basically, they've been really shit at testing anyone at all (the whole country has been shit at that though) and also really shit at reporting cases until DAYS after positive test results, which I sort of understand, because they are trying to connect with anyont that had 'close contact' with that person but fuck, it's real annoying when you are a delivery driver trying tolimit exposure as much as possible.

Also blew the same owner's mind when I told her that sometimes we go into the homes of crippled/sick people. I didn't say that, but used an example of the woman half way through radiation treatments who couldn't get out of her chair without puking as an example of someone we would enter the apartment to deliver to.... which I did deliver to, Mar 14th, twice that day.. but there's LOTS of people that we enter the homes of... that was never ever said to us that we had to stop entering, and she was just like WHAT and I said yeah there's people who can't write the checks out themselves and we do it for them, and she was like W H A T and I'm like YES there's a SHIT TON of things we do that you don't know about because you don't CARE as long as shit gets delivered and there's no complaints!

I didn't say that either. I just stared at her with the 'Yep, I said what I said' face on. And then asked her if I should put up a note in the back that tells drivers explicitly not to enter the homes/apartments anymore, and she said yes. and also confirmed we should be telling the pharmacist when one like that is 'undeliverable' so they know why it's not being delivered.

So that's in place now. It's just, y'all don't want to think about it, it just ~magically~ gets done and the other drivers don't say shit because as long as we deliver everything no one cares.

And she was the one that specifically said to me the one day "I don't have time" when I came to her with an issue, so. there's that too. But she's one of the owners? So how do I push back against that? Answer: I fuckin don't. I just put my head downa nd keep on truckin.

The brake drums are rubbing on.. the wheels or something on the work car too, it's not the breaks themselves, even tho thats what the other drivers wrote down.. I didn't care. No burning smell or anything so it's fine for now. Steve can get it fixed this week if he cant stand the noise it makes.

I think i've hit the point where my brain is overtired and my body is just Lie The Fuck Down tired.

My allergies are starting to act up, so spring should sprung any time now.

alright, my phone is going bonkers, apparently everyone wants to talk about easter things and also get an update on everything from me, so this will have to be it for today

nightynight (i will make it to my bed soon, i swear to goooood)



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