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8:27 a.m. - 2020-04-26
a favour in kind
So I'm playing out conversations, about how im going to approach this coworker.

And I've boiled it down to, either she made a mistake and it's actually another customer that was the possible exposure/in isolation person and I still shouldnt be going to work today

Or she was fucking with me because I didn't help her as much as she thought I should doing her job that I have no training for but can clearly see she could do if she used the computers in the dispensary...

Since she's the kind of person that loooooves telling people 'news' (gossip, it's mostly gossip) and she told ~no one~ about this phone conversation except me, I'm leaning towards the second.

So now I have a choice, do I bring it up as soon as I get to work and get her to talk to the pharmacist and explore the first possibility, that the phone call did happen and she fucked up who she was talking to. (which has the sideeffect of making me look like a huge paranoid asshole, because if she's fucking with me shes going to deny she said anything to me at all)

Or do i leave it and when she asks for help or tells me something I just stare at her and say well i can't trust you after yesterday, so you're on your own.

OR maybe I bring it up with the pharmacist, asking what the procedure is when we find out about a possible exposure and when she confirms you're supposed to tell her about it so she can call the health unit I'll turn to marjorie and ask her point blank in front of everyone in the dispensary why she didn't do that....

hm.. that seems like a better option. It covers both the fucking with me base and also the possible fuck up that it's a real phone conversation and its another person we should be worried about.

Probably more passive aggressive then i should be (I have trouble telling those moves outright because it was reflex learned at a very young age, but Im pretty sure it's passive aggresive),

But at this point im so pissed at this woman if I don't go passive im going to get aggressive and ask her to talk to me in the parking lot

Note: This woman has power-tripped all over the student staff members and made two of them cry in the last three months, also one time she overstepped her position and made a decision that should have been made by a pharmacist (and she fucked up that decision and wasted $1500 of meds) and then blamed me for it, saying I told her to dispose of the meds, which was factual untrue because I don't know what to do with ~any~ meds and know that I cant make any of those decisions... SO I already have very very little patience for her bullshit.

So okay, I'm going to try to ask the pharmacist for the procedure when a possible exposure to a delivery driver is uncovered, and go from there.

I have a plan, I feel sort of better about the situation, but Im still simmering about it.

Hopefully this is some kind of third strike for this woman and they fire her ass. I can dream right?



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