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10:29 a.m. - 2020-04-27
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I keep flipflopping between writing a strongly worded email to my bosses/the owners of the store about Marjorie and her negligence, OR writing a strongly worded email about how the drivers cannot feasibly call every single delivery if we are also treating every delivery as if they are infectious, there's not enough hours in a shift to cover both of those AND also ya know, deliver the shit to people.

I'm going to think on it today and decide whether either of those things are going to help or hinder my ability to remain sane while working there. I'm leaning towards an email that includes both/all/every of these issues in great detail.

Yesterday, after Marjorie spent a couple hours whining to everyone in earshot (except me of course) about how much of an oversensitive baby I am (fucking WHAT) and how I need to just calm down and do my job

So, that confirms my suspicions. She's one of those people that are never ever wrong, and if they are wrong it's your fault for not doing something OR it's your fault for being too emotional, too sensitive, OR it's your fault because you are being disrepectful to her or don't treat her word as the Word of God on the subject and had the audacity to challenge her.

This explains why she's been a right bitch to the students that have called her out on her mistakes, and also a right bitch to anyone that isn't one of the owners. And also why she threw me under the bus shortly after she started, when she made the mistake disposing of drugs that werent to be disposed and she lied and said that I told her to dispose them.

It also clears up for me why I've been feeling the same way going in to work now as I used to feel about being around my ex, because he would pull the exact same shit but with a bunch of verbal abuse thrown in to the mix

Luckily for me I dont have to deal with her every day, BUT for the people on her team? That's going to become pretty bonkers pretty quick, because she will try to spin every single situation so that she's not the one at fault, and it's going to get really confusing and difficult for everyone working with her.

But then I think, it's not my job to pull them out of the situation theyve got themselves into with her. And as the owners of the store, they can fire her every time she makes a mistake, since in the dispensary, mistakes are tallied a little differently because you are dealing with medicines that could literally kill people if you fuck it up.

ANYWAY the good news is everyone on that team seems to see that she's a goddamn liability waiting to happen, so as soon as the owner that is also on that team puts those two together....

alright, enough thinking about work, lets just let them percolate with the whole weekend shenanigans and see what they come up with by tomorrow night when i go back again (complete with mask that I wont take off, even for the phone calls. ALSO people dont treat me like im a plague ridden corpse while Im wearing a mask so for my own mental health im going to keep wearing one every time i leave the house)



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