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2:05 p.m. - 2020-05-06
My period proceeded to knock me the fuck out of commission until today. Just work and sleep and pain killers, and trying to keep the household going.

Youngest accidently broke a glass, and it shattered into the main pile of the toys we are trying to go through and organize.. as well as all over the floor and into the floor of his room.

So Im sore and tired from the careful sweeping of large chunks of glass, carefully trashing all the toys closest to the smash point, carefully sifting through the rest of the pile looking for glass, vacuuming the whole area twice, and at the end of all that still finding glass across the room.

Tried to pick up an order at canadian tire this morning, they ended up cancelling one of the three things I was trying to get, so I ended up having to go into walmart anyway.

So I get that they cant keep everything stocked, but if ordering online just means two fucking trips to places for each order what's the point? If the grocery store and canadian tire just randomly cancel a third of my order, then I'ev gotta go somewhere else for the rest of it.

Anyway, learned my lesson with the groceries and canadian tire stuff. Im not buying from canadian tire again, theres no point. and for groceries, no substitutions for anything, because they sub the most random stuff (spiced candle instead of spiced cheese???) and you can't say uh no thanks to the subbed stuff, it's just in your order and no they do not take returns at this time.

so yeah, i dunno if its just my period but im pretty frustrated with the whole system. Even if you book your time and place your order a week ahead of time, they still arent able to fill the whole order. And it's May, not march. Big grocery store chains should have their shit together by now, but they don't appear to at all.

So i guess it's back to going into the grocery store and using up energy on my days off to do so as much as I can, I cant go before work during the week, i just do not have the energy (going to walmart today was pushing it and i only had one thing to pick up)

Im going to catch up on entries and then lie down for a while before work tonight

Eldest still has approx 45,000 water beads in various containers on the counter, so there's no place to do dishes, so i can't make any meals today, I've asked him to have a plan for what is happening with them by tomorrow. but im really not energized enough to care to push that yet

i think i can use them to help keep my indoor plants watered.. or even transfer some of them to a clear container filled with the beads maybe. I dunno. We'll see what he comes up with since he was the one that hydrated all 50,000 of the beads in one go.

My ring finger on my left hand is still getting ripped open by the hand sani, the rest of my digits seem to be getting used to it, but i cant seem to get that one to heal in between shifts. i think it's my psoriasis popping up thats getting sanitized and angry at work and then theres not enough time in between shifts to properly heal or leave it alone. Im still using the only moisturizer that i can stand ( some aloette brand stuff) it soaks in quick but leaves a silky feeling and a pleasant mild smell, so i can remmeber that i have in fact moisturized my hands without it being overwhelmingly smelly and oily feeling.

Im trying listening to electro swing to stay awake this afternoon instead of crashing into bed for a few hours. i dunno if this is the thing to do or not but it feels alright to bop around in my room a bit, youngest likes the music but thinks ive lost my mind with the dancing

link to the mix ive got on is in the title at the top there, the weird youtube linky

I emailed one of the three owners last night about work stuff, didn't use one swear word but did say i was frustrated with the lack of communication with the drivers. And between the three shifts they have going on. At least one of the owners clearly has no idea whats going on with drivers at all, and shes the one updating the shift calendar... so. thats a new adventure every day finding out how many hours im working every week.

okay im not laying down, im drinking another coffee, having a snack of an apple and a cookie and maybe some chocolate and playing videogames if the internet holds. for two hours, then it's ready for work time, actually i should look for my work shirt that might be in the laundry some where...... yeah i should do that first before anything.



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