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8:22 p.m. - 2020-05-15
Working in the mornings is alright, when there are a billion deliveries to be made. I end up real lazy the rest of the day though, because i feel like ive already done a days work, even though i only worked 4ish hours.

Amazingly, I enlisted the boys to help me get the bins to the curb, so we actually made both garbage day and recycling day this week. And when i got home from work i got the boys to grab the bins from the curb, so I didn't have to try and lug 5 different bins up the driveway

what else did i do today? .....hmm.... oh i picked up my meds, and chips, because why not, and theeeen i messed around on the computer, started a load of laundry, forgot about laundry, got hungry and made a meal, remembered laundry, did some dishes, ignored the pans on the stove because i didnt feel like washing them.

Ive been buying a lot of junkfood lately. i think i have to go back to getting things at fast food places for my cravings, so that the kiddos don't just eat chips and ice cream while I'm at work, they dont understand the stomach aches that occur after a few days of doing that.

Im wrestling with my internet and my computer, trying to play world of warcraft before i get too tired to keep vertical enough to play. but im starting to get a head ache and i think i will just put on some critical role and rainymood and lay in bed until youngest asks me to tuck him in later on.

then i work again tomorrow morning, then im off for a day. more then a day really, i dont work at all on sunday.

The three shifts stuff appears to be wrapping up soon at work. Today businesses downtown were open I guess? curbside pick up mostly? I dunno i missed the memo of what was happening and ohmyfuckinggod traffic sucks again. I got pretty used to being able to make a left hand turn anywhere in the town, and thats not a thing i can do anymore. I actually have to think about my routes, bleh.

yeah im crashing, and my eyes are all scratchy. time to lie down.



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