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5:59 p.m. - 2020-05-21
let's see if the internet hold long enough to post this sucker
ugh, internet has been wonky all day. not enough to ask the neighbours to reset the modem (which I'm loathe to do at any time) but enough that not even a hotspot on my cellphone is helping with the buffering and lag and random dropping wifi

School in my province will be shut down until September. Ive been thinking about printing off the emails or at least forwarding them to my own account from Youngest's. because I have a feeling we are going to lose the laptop once the end of June rolls around.

I don't know for sure though, the minstry of education might expect the teachers to continue with the daily emails and small lessons throughout the summer

I don't remember if I've talked about this here or not but
One thing I'm not going to do is send the boys back if the school is being run like a prison camp (see the school rules they've put in place in Quebec for reference) because as much as I want my kids to be socialized and do their homework and shit, I don't want them to be emotionally traumatized. And I know Youngest for sure would be traumatized in that kind of environment. And I feel like one of those weird hippy moms when I type that but no shit it's being run the exact same way as a prison. And I can't send my kids in to that.

I finally received the oximeter I ordered a billion weeks ago, and I wanted to gift it to mom for mother's day, since she gets pneumonia every year anyway and also has asthma and stuff. It'll be a little piece of mind. Also it's a back up for the one my grandma has. I'm hoping some time I can just leave it at Mom's place, in a place she will find after I go back home, if we are ever able to go hang out there again.

I keep ordering stuff on Amazon, can't seem to stop finding things that would be so handy to have... a couple replacement makeup bags for my one that is not only too small but also falling apart (Eldest does a lot of cosplay makeup), three more mesh laundry bags (for washing bras and masks, since I tried washing a bra without a bag and it got completely tangled not only in the load itself but had wrapped around the middle bit of the washer something fucking awful, it took a long while to figure out how to untangle it all without just fucking cutting the bra apart, which at $80-$100 a pop for the stupid bra I didn't want to take scissors to it)
anyway, these mesh bags have hanger loops, so im hopign to keep track of these better than the other two i bought, which are buried somewhere in my clean laundry piles in my room, or have migrated elsewhere in the apartment, because i havent seen them for a week or so.

I found my kalimba again, one of the few totally unnecessary purchases I've made, this thing I bought through an ad on instagram, and likely forfeited my entire identity in the process, but it still sounds like heaven even if I don't really know how to play anything on it, so I muck around on it, and then put on the kalimba music I've found on spotify.

Ive ordered a bunch of masks from people, Maya Kern teamed up with Threadless to put her designs on some masks, so I ordered a bunch for myself and the boys. The face scarf things I ordered from amazon two months ago havent got here yet, so Ive given up on them. It's too hot for scarves now anyway, if they do end up coming in I'll put them away for next winter.

Im waiting four hundred goddamn years for this facebook thing to load so I can give you guys the link to the masks in case you want to get some. I don't know how good they are, or durable or whatever, im just excited for the designs to not be all flowers and shit. Im tired of wearing flowers on my face, and struggling to tie up the solid colour ones I have, it's just not functional for at work, when it's pouring rain and I have to try to dry the thing a little between deliveries. I need ones with elastic or fabric that I just fling around my ears and go, it's hard enough when it gets tangled with my glasses

lots of things getting tangled lately.. i should probably slow down a bit, think about what im doing with a little more care.

If I accidently fling my glasses off my face, that would be pretty bad.

some day I will get an eye check up and an updated prescription and new glasses and some contacts. But, uh, after I get Eldest's shots paid for and possibly covered by some place that only takes applications once a year.



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