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1:37 a.m. - 2020-06-01
skipping pride and going straight to wrath
So I worked the weekend, then it got stupidly hot and i got cranky and unable to wake up early to make entries,
then a dumbass woman in new york weaponized racism in NYC by doing her call to the cops about how a black guy was threatening her, what fuckery, and then George Floyd was murdered.

Im not arguing about this. If you keep your knee on someone's neck for almost ten goddamn minutes, you are trying to kill them.

and I havent really been sleeping since. Ive been vagueposting on facebook to different family members, trying to get them to stop being shit heads, Ive been retweeting as much info as I possibly can on twitter, and always Im watching the videos of cops continuing to escalate,

did you know rubber bullets arent solid rubber? Its a rubber layer ON TOP OF THE REGULAR BULLET, what the fuck. what the fuck !!

tear gas and pepper spray, during a pandemic. cops pulling masks down so they can spray directly into people's mouths/noses..

national guard shooting those paint marker canisters at people standing on their own goddamn front porches, like they have the authority to scream at people to go inside and if people don't they "Light 'em up!"

last night Montreal cops acted fucking ridiculous, so theres some fodder for the "But in Canada it's Different!" arguments (hint, it's not, it's not different at all, we just focus on killing First Nations people first, Black people second)

My mom's cranky with me because I'm talking about doing street medic training.
So Im not going to talk about it anymore, im just going to do it

I had talks with my boys, separate talks. Eldest got a more in depth run down on american history in addition to the politics and details of what's happening and how we got here from there.. Youngest knows there's some bad police that are doing bad stuff and that people are marching together to demand justice and it's getting violent in those marches...

I want them to know, not so they can feel guilty about their inherant privilge (im losing my spelling the later it gets but you know what i mean) but so that they can USE it to protect their friends as they get older, protect people in our community when they see something happening..

It doesn't feel like Im doing much, but it's something.

It's June 1st, and we should be ramping up for Pride month. But there's not many ways to celebrate. So I'm making sure Eldest starts the meds he was supposed to start three months ago, I still dont know exactly where the $1500 is going to come from but I'm trusting that the two government agencies Ive been pointed to will help.. also I have to think of it as $500/month, and that will make it easier, even though it's a 3 month dose all at once.

Stay safe, as best you can. if you are marching, my heart and rage go with you.



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