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8:53 a.m. - 2020-06-02
and its supposed to be hot as balls today too
Ive discovered I have almost all the materials for making lightweight shields in my apartment right at this moment.

Im slowly hatching a plan to make them double as carried signs... but theres no use for this in my area. what the fuck am i doing.

I dont live anywhere near where there are protests. The closest place the police have acted foolishly is 10+ hours away by car (not counting across the border because i couldnt cross into the US if I wanted to right now).

but my brain has started thinking about the protests constantly, it's what i see when i wake up, before i go to work, before i go to bed, because im trying to help in the little tiny ways that i can...

I think tonight is going to be a little rough

Kids and I are going to camp at Dad's place tonight, have a campfire and sleep in his trailer in his laneway. It'll be the first time the kids have been anywhere outside of my apartment and the neighbours apartment since March.

oh we went to 7-11 once, and dropped some things off at my moms place once.

I just hope Dad's in a good place emotionally.

Im so tired and jittery. I feel fragile.

oh right, i forgot why this date is so fucking heavy, why it just looks bad and ugly and i don't like it

this is the anniversary of Lindsay's accident (her death day), and this is Ava's birthday (we're getting real close to it being more years without her than with her)

fucking hell.



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