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3:37 p.m. - 2020-06-10
true north country

"..soo you will need about four weeks recovery time, no working, lifting anything, etc. But do move though, just try to balance it....."

Sorry Nurse, my brain shorted out at FOUR weeks recovery time.

And I'm supposed to magically make that happen in less than six days ? Tell my bosses, sorry I can't work for a fucking month? And expect them to hold my part time job for me?

There's no fucking way I was told this before.. god Im so fucking pissed off that epople have been calling me constantly for two fucking days and this is the first time they decided to mention that this



is going to cost me a MONTH of work.


I called the surgeon's administrator and she's going to contact the surgeon to confirm the four week recovery time. and if that's the case I'm going to cancel the surgery. Because there's no way I can pull that off in fucking five days notice.

Jesus fucking christ.

I KNOW we have free healthcare and I should be greatful that surgery is even an option but fuck a goddamn duck how the hell am I supposed to swing this

guess Im off to google recovery times for gallbladder surgeries and also complications of leaving it alone and just dealing with the fucking attacks

a whole fucking month, what the fuck



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