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12:11 p.m. - 2020-09-11
I drove neighbour lady to the hospital today, she said it's dehydration, but she did not look well at all and she's shrinking, skin and bones with every vein on her hand poking out, can't speak over the noise of an open window and barely able to stand....

She said she will text me later but I don't think she'll be discharged this aft if they admitted her this morning.. they are going to want to get a few bags of fluids into her before they even pull for bloodwork....

So, Im still annoyed at her response a week ago, but trying to let it slide past. Forgive but I wont forget I guess is what I'm saying

Bought clothes for the boys at the second hand stores in town, I'm not excited for them to go back to school but I'm excited to have some time to myself again that isn't in the middle of the night

And maybe possibly perhaps some kind of routine to the days again

Ugh I have a metric ton of laundry to do now, and no motivation to do it since my dryer is really finicky and not getting hot any more

it takes forever to dry a pair of jeans at a luke warm temperature. I think it dries quicker outside of the dryer, hung up somewhere, if I'm being sensible

I've got a headache again, so im going to lie down for a couple hours, then do a load of laundry, then make soup, then go to work

but ive accomplished 5 things off of my to do list, so really, it wasn't to terrible of a morning. Oh and I also got enough groceries to last us for school lunches and the rest of the meals for the next 7 days, until i get paid again and gov't money again, i think both on the same day which is annoying.

my bank account balance pings up and down like something that goes sharply up and down, im too tired to think of something, you get what im saying



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