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9:28 p.m. - 2020-09-12
Made it through work today, pretty okay, i actually seem to have slept last night

I shaved Eldest's head, to about an inch long, and did a design on both sides, using reference pictures from.. an anime I think? Not exactly sure where the character is from. He seems satisfied by my first attempt at doing such a thing. I'm not really, but there wasn't the right tools available, so I ended up using a nose/ear hair trimmer attachment for the beard trimmer I bought

Hopefully I can find a better tool for this hair design stuff, if it's going to be a regular thing

Orientation day of school is on Monday, for both kids, at different schools. I'm supposed to have each kid at each school as close to 8:45 as possible... when these schools are in different parts of town, ten minute drive with morning traffic and kids walking biking everyfrickinwhere, so the 14 yr old will once again have to fend for himself unless it's pouring rain, then i'll drop him off at the door early

Im getting anxiety stomach ache, like i always do when there's a billion things on my to do list and i have to work in there too.



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