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9:43 a.m. - 2020-11-09
Welp, ex made a mess of his ideal life, the one he pined away for, for 20 years, and now has to move back to this province, this town, possibly the same apartment building he was suicidal in 4 years ago

and he broke the news by telling Youngest his entire moving plan, with all its possibilities and unknowns. A ten year old, had to try and process all of that information,

Im just so fucking disappointed and annoyed that we are still doing this, he's still dumping shit on the kids and making them put their feelings on hold to help him with whatever nonsense he's spewing out

And tired.

Theres a three hour time difference but he didn't both texting me back last night at all, so we're having this stupid text conversation where he's all Woe Is Me, I've Lost Everything and Im like mhmm, you told our ten year old child a lot of overwhelming information, im not going to feel sorry for you, a grown ass adult man, for reaping the harvest of your shit sowing

Ive got a stress headache

Steveo called, work guy that is apparently The Guy for maintenance on the car he keeps crashing into things with, to tell me that everything I said was wrong with the car is *gasp* wrong with the car

So big ol' fuck you to the pharmacist this past weekend who didn't believe me (shes also one of the owners and was convinced that Steveo would have "gotten that fixed if it was ~that~ much of a problem. :) "

Tired of dudes skating through life leaving other people to deal with the consequences of their actions/nonactions

Also, Im done dealing with bullshit. I'm not taking any form of payment from any place with a covid outbreak, or a quarantine, or a possible exposure. I'm not driving a car that's got a busted starter that randomly stalls and locks you out when you go to make a delivery. I'm not trusting that anyone at the pharmacy has my back, because they don't, especially the owners. I'm going to demand first aid kits in the cars.

We work in a goddamn pharmacy that stocks first aid kits for fucks sake and there arent first aid kits in the godddamn cars.

that reminds me, I need to email a follow up about that soon. I'm going to set a reminder in my phone to do that.

Anyways, other than work being stupid and ex causing me great irritation, I was stressed like everyone outside the US watching the election, my period kicked my ass so hard I thought I was dying but that seems to be over now so i can get back to making a daily to do list that consists of three things, laundry dishes and one other thing if I can manage it

today i got the mail for the first time since before the kids went back to school in september, so, im going to take some pain killers, finish my coffee and have a lie down for a few hours, or maybe the rest of the day, whatever feels best

then i'll pick up the boys from school and do my best to do laundry and dishes before i have to lie down again

and so it goes.. im going to catch up on entries ive missed while fninishing my coffee, but i hope you all are well.



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