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8:27 a.m. - 2020-12-01
ya gotta work bitch
im not doing real great at recording all this 'crazy time in history' thing

its a snow day today, all the schools are closed, and im supposed to get the kids up and get them signed on to google classroom on the devices i dont have so they can still get schooling

they have never in the history of schooling around here given two shits about snow days, BUT THIS YEAR they are pushing 'continued learning during this time'

fuck right off with that shit

im tired of being micromanaged into the fucking ground, lady at work that is nosy as fuck even though she's never delivered a single package in a snowstorm, schoolboard deciding to abolish snow days this year because it's... what exactly? too hard a strain on the school system to have a surprise day off for the kids??


And honestly i have no idea if all this irritation and exasperated-ness on my part is solely the fault of pms, it seems like fuckery just tends to happen right when my period is about to start

last time i got bit by a dog and bled all over the car and finally FINALLY got through to the owners that we need first aid kits in the cars, then had them ignore the incident report and only confirm this past week that it actually gets filed.. in my file... which is... they arent sure since they dont have an HR person anymore, but they will find it !

this time the only other part time driver probably has covid, becauyse he was in 'close contact' with someone who was waiting for a test result, WITHIN that person's home, where there are OTHER confirm cases of covid.......... so he cant work for two weeks, at least. And work has to figure out when he can come back to work because of course they did not consider DRIVERS in their POLICY they developed over the last eight fucking months to plan for what to do when a worker gets exposed

you know, the people in constant contact with the maskless public and their homes and apartment bujildings and workplaces? those people? nah we wont figure out what to do when one of those people gets exposed

So again Im reminded to take care of my damn self at work and to not rely AT ALL on any of these people to do what they should be doing to help keep me safe

Im tired of having to justify why i do my job the way that i do to people who dont do it. Im tired of being left hanging with a car that might have covid in it and having to disinfect that car myself, not with wipes but with a spray bottle and some paper towels because no one knows wheere the wipes are kept anymore and arent sure if drivers can fucking use them or not and wont be responsible for being the person that said 'yes'... despite the person Im talking to being one of the fucking OWNERS of the STORE. there is no higher authority and yet these people just shrug at me and tell me they dont know

So, I do the bare minumum, i come in exactly when my shift starts and try to leave exactly when my shift ends. I drive the car to secret places and park when there arent enough deliveries to keep me going and take my time on runs with enough deliveries to pass the time.I work exactly as fast as I please, and not a fraction over that exertion

And I'm not going to get feel like shit for questioning or getting upset or anything, because I deserve the same amount of thought and consideration as the rest of the staff, and if I'm not getting it Im allowed to feel whatever way i feel about that

Also, they need to put an Operations Manager in place, for all of the questions the owners just don't want to deal with or dont have time to deal with when they are wearing their 'pharmacist' hats. For all the issues that come up that they dont have time to hash out while standing in the middle of the store

anyways once again i figure out a better way of doing shit that someone who owns a business and has scads of experience in running that business can't seem to comprehend.

Also, we should have actual janitors hired. staff should not have to handle cleaning the bathrooms that all staff use, and taking out the garbage of other staff.. it just feeds animosity.

One of the people that work exclusively in the downstairs office never ever puts a garbage bag in her garbage bin. So it is fuuucking disgusting and also a health hazard in these covid times, because the bin is just.. covered in.... various guck on the inside and especially at the bottom. And I hate her for it. I hate that she doesnt see the person who empties her disgusting hazard waste of a bin as a person.

Probably because Im supposed to empty it, so i take that personally.



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