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7:10 a.m. - 2021-01-11
Oh hey what the hell have I gotten myself entwined in now
Sorry I've been so lax at updating.

I'm actually attempting this homeschooling thing this time and thank christ I waited. If I had tried to do this last spring when I was working double and scared about every delivery I wouldn't have made it through without turning into a mom who yells constantly and makes her kids cry every day

We are in lockdown until the 25th, and I've managed to get another kid to take care of...
One of Js friends is going through some rough times with her mom, so she is now staying here for a week. Possibly 2 weeks.

Shes not eating anything, or drinking anything either, so I'm going to have to figure out meals of some kind.

I'm going to rely on peer pressure , and have my kiddos sit for meals and hopefully that will make it okay for B to eat and drink

Her mom basically emptied all the snacks from her cupboards and sent them with B to our house, along with some cans of soup and a box of pancake mix, and a couple opened boxes of cereal. Bs commented how much food it is a couple times, I'm hoping we can run through it in a week to prove to her that it's not actually that much food. Havent noticed anything lowfat or 'healthy' thank god
The marketing word 'healthy' is what I mean by that. Diet industry words.

I woke up at 6. Bs not on the couch, shes still in Js room, which is wild to me because Js room is a vortex of clothes and stuff, and Bs been here before, she helped J take out a bag of garbage from his room, abd tried to get him going on small steps towards cleaning it up

Bs mom neglected to text me before dropping B off, so I hadn't done the dishes (I was waiting on that text so I could use that adrenalin jolt to power through it) so it took me a day to get through the dirty dishes. Now they just have to be dried from whatever water didnt evaporate overnight and put away

I'm going to make coffee and eggs and warm up some garlic bread

I should cook some bacon too..

Heres to week 2 of teaching grade 6, and 2 grade 9s. Let's hope I have enough energy to finish taking down the christmas stuff this week



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