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11:55 p.m. - 2021-01-31
I have this open in a tab on my phone and it still take 10 days to actually write something In this box

I'm close to a flare because I'm not sleeping well

Convo with dad booked tomorrow after school. We tried last week, but there were flurries off the lake, as we say around here, a full hour from the lake, but we are somehow in the snow belt. Anyway I took the hint this time from dad and rescheduled to tomorrow

Worked all weekend, wasnt bad, I was able to keep up

New giant shelf thing was hung by the landlord on Friday

I have plans to put plants on it, but who knows if that will work out. I need plants that dont mind total artificial light, that I dont mind staring at all day while I'm homeschooling. Schooling from home. Whatever the fuck it's called.

Instead of geometry can we teach kids budgeting, or credit scores, or how to vote, or how to cook, or anything else they are absolutely going to need in their adult lives.

Fuck geometry.

That being said, I'm prepared for the rest of the year at home if that's what it comes down to.
Also, I'm going to teach my kid how to use notebooks, and put in the date, and indicate page numbers and shit, becAuse otherwise I'm not going to have a marble left. Apparently hes just been flopping it open to a random page abd then can never find his work again.

Like what. How are you in grade six and a teacher or one of the TAs has never even mentioned writing in it like a book? One page after the other?

Also, theres no typing instruction at all, not even, use two hands.

Okay my hip is joining in on the pain jangle I'm getting from my hand and wrist so I'm going to wander off again

Lockdown is so weird, we cant go into a pet store, but we can flood the grocery store all weekend long with people.. lines 10-20 long waiting to get in, and inside we are all scurrying like ants, barely making eye contact, trying to get in and out quick

Or maybe that was just me, because I was working and had to pick up meds for my pharmacist because we ran out of something

I've started getting my groceries delivered from walmart because I can afford to leave a bigger tip when I buy from that store and I think that's more important. Also theres not nearly the weird substitutions like there is from other places.

Still feel bad that I'm asking someone else to get groceries for me, but I'm guessing they dont get completely exhausted from one trip, and also a shopper shared an elevator with me and wasnt all skeeved out by my delivery person status like most people are when they end up near me in public, so I will watch for a picture that looks like that dude from now on and tip him heckin well.

Alright, bedtime, I'm pushing it and I'll regret it tomorrow



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