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6:34 a.m. - 2021-02-22
I'm glad that vaccines are rolling out in most of the world

But I'm pissed that canada is fucked and has to wait months until we get to being able to vaccine the population

I'm not part of the healthcare workers that get to go first, but I'm a step up from regular public, if there are no more delays (and my eyes turn a royal blue colour at the same time with the same chance!) I'll get my first dose in April

Second dose ...? Who knows. I know what the chart says on the wall at work, I also know that the vaccine amounts coming into the country every week arent the full promised amounts. And I get that, I'm not mad at other countries for vaccinating their people first, I'm mad at the government that shuttered our vaccine making capabilities to save money, knowing full well the possibilities if a major pandemic. And I wont ever fucking vote for the conservatives because of that.

And I'm exhausted of the half measures the current governments are taking. The incredibly confusing way theyve spent a year throwing around words and using them in different ways so that no one knows was quarantine vs self isolate vs stay at home order mean. And my bosses that seem to be three steps behind

And still, STILL, my coworkers are coming in to work without a mask on, and masking up after wandering around inside without one getting ready for their shift and only putting on a mask from work when they are ready to.

What the fuck is that.

So I'm still the cranky bitch that's like nope, I come in at 459pm to work at 5pm, and I dont hang around for any reason and i actively move as far away as i can from those people. Like how fucking much do I have to bitch about it to make people understand. We work at a goddamn pharmacy, our customers are the most vulnerable population.

And on top of that,

Ugh it makes me so fuxking angry.

On top of that you don't give a shit about me. Because if I get sick I cant get groceries. I fuxking. Ugh

So this week I'm going to keep track of numbers, and then email my bosses with numbers for the week of how many come in the back door without a mask and how many dont bother grabbing a mask until they come back from hanging their coats and putting away their purses and fixing their hair and going to the washroom

Or, maybe I'll just call the health unit and get my bosses fined. Because at this point, a fucking year in, I shouldn't have to point this out, and I shouldn't have to make a stink and I shouldn't have to have numbers to back it up.

I'm starting this week cranky, and I've just got an email saying one school is closed due to weather so I should figure out what's happening outside

Good luck out there, take care of yourself



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